What are the ways of regulating the temperature of Heated Clothing?


Electric heated clothing is garments that can generate heat to keep you warm. It is not self-heating, but is powered by a mobile power supply to generate heat. The heating temperature of the clothing ranges from 45°C to 65°C, providing heat for the body and keeping it warm in the cold winter months. The temperature of the smart electric heating suit can be freely regulated.

At present, there are three main ways to regulate the temperature of the electric heated clothing: one button to control the temperature, controller to control the temperature and mobile phone APP to control the temperature.


1. One button temperature control

Electric heating clothing is set with a button to regulate the temperature, one button heating, 3 quick heat, and can reach the maximum temperature within 5 minutes. The temperature level of the electric heating suit is divided into 3 grades.

When the button lights up red, it is the highest grade, about 65℃, and you can obviously feel the continuous heat warming your whole body; when the button shows white light, it is the middle grade, about 55℃, and your body can feel the warm and comfortable feeling; when the button shows blue light, it is the lowest grade. When your body becomes warm, you can adjust to the lowest grade to maintain the temperature, and your body can also maintain warmth.


2. Controller temperature control

Controller in the electric heating clothing acts as an intermediary, with one end connected to the suit and one end connected to the mobile power supply. The controller regulates the temperature directly, adjusting the different levels and the small red light on the controller will rise to show itself. According to the small icon on the heated clothing controller below the small red light to view the gear, adjusting the temperature is simple and convenient.


3. Mobile APP temperature control

High-end electric heating gears are equipped with a Bluetooth module for intelligent control, which can be connected to a mobile phone APP to regulate the temperature of the suit. The suit can automatically regulate the most suitable temperature for the body, and can also transmit body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and other body conditions to the mobile phone in real time, allowing users to grasp their own health data at any time, anywhere, and tailor-made fitness plans for users.


These three types of temperature control are more commonly used for regulating the temperature of electric heated clothing. In addition, some electric heated shoes and heated insoles also use a small remote control to regulate the temperature. The temperature control of ELEHEAT's electric apparel is often adjusted to suit different garments and can also be customised to suit the needs of the customer. Overall. The operation of temperature control is very simple. As the research and development work progresses, the electric heating garments will become more and more intelligent and convenient.