What Is Air Conditioned Clothing


In summer, what is the most important thing for outdoor workers to need? Many workers are required to wear uniform, so what is the most effective way to reduce the feeling of heat? Have you heard of the new smart clothing of air-conditioned clothing?

The production of air-conditioning clothing is best made of high-grade polyester fabric and a unique micro fan. The principle is that through the fan's air supply, sweat evaporates immediately, absorbing heat from the surface of the human body, cooling the human body and allowing people to achieve a cool and comfortable effect. Air-conditioning clothing is a new type of high-temperature protective clothing products, with a national invention patent authorized in 2004.


In short, air conditioning clothing is a product that cools the body by installing two small fans at the left and right waist of a person's blouse, sucking the outdoor air into the clothing, and cooling the body by absorbing heat from the surface of the body through vaporized heat that can make sweat evaporate.


Therefore,the air-conditioning suit was invented for the workers. These cooling systems are made for laborers who work in hot environments. By staying comfortable and cool throughout the work experience, laborers can concentrate on the job instead of being distracted by trying to minimize the physical effects of hot environments.

Nowadays, technology has been increasingly used in everyday life. Air conditioning clothing will not only be used on outdoor workers, but also applied to our daily life. Fans can be added not only to work clothes, but also to shirts, sun protection clothing, undershirts, etc.

Air conditioning clothing is suitable for the following groups of people:

-Outdoor sportsmen (fishing enthusiasts, hiking travelers, mountaineering expeditions, golfing, etc.).

-Outdoor work groups (traffic police, forest protection police, border guards, oil field workers, railroad workers, warehouse handling operations, places where air conditioning cannot be installed, high-temperature workplaces, etc.) Daily home life (cleaning, yard field work, walking and shopping on hot days, etc.)


Our company has developed three different configurations of fans, which are 5V systems that can be matched with their own rechargeable batteries, and 7.4V and 14.4V large voltage systems. In addition, the size of the fan is also different. The way the fan adjusts its gear is also different, either on the control harness, or directly on the battery. Of course, these are available for customers to choose from. All the configurations can be customized according to the customersrequirements.

Do you interested in air conditioned clothing?