Are heated gloves safe and durable?


Heated gloves are a type of glove that can be heated by battery power to keep you warm and consist mainly of ordinary gloves and a heating system. While we are all familiar with ordinary gloves, the heating system of a heated glove is unfamiliar to many people. The heating system of a heated glove consists of a heating pad, a connection cable, a battery and a charger. The heating system is the decisive factor for the safety and durability of gloves.

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1. Heating Element

The heating element of a heated glove is a flexible heating fabric, the main material is a metal fibre composite heating wire. The metal fibre composite wire has a high thermal conversion rate, generates heat quickly and evenly, and is also resistant to bending and abrasion and has a long service life. By using proven technology, the metal fibre composite wire is wrapped in silicone and carefully stitched and fixed to the heating element. With a thickness of just 1mm, the heating pad is very thin and soft and can be washed. The heating element is an important component of the gloves and its characteristics make them safe and durable.

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2. Battery

The batteries in the gloves are generally lithium polymer batteries with a capacity of around 1900 mAh, which are safe, compact and lightweight and can be placed directly in the small pocket of the gloves, making them very convenient. The heat gloves last for a long time, providing continuous heat to keep your hands warm, as the working voltage of the gloves is only 3.7V/5V. The battery is energy efficient and the low heating voltage uses less electricity, so they last for a long time. In addition, the body's safety voltage is 36V, so the heating gloves are very safe to use.

3.Security Protection

The connection cable, which is mainly used for the connection between the heating pad and the battery, is secured inside the glove with multiple stitches and is waterproof, which is also very safe. The charger for the heating gloves is similar to a normal charger. In addition, the heating gloves are designed with multiple protections such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection and short-circuit protection when they are developed, making for good all-round protection. So, all in all, the heating system of the heating gloves is very safe and durable.

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During the heating process, the gloves produce far infrared rays that are beneficial to the human body and interact with the hands to produce heat, which has a constant temperature and warmth effect. Heat gloves are warm, durable, safe and practical. They are ideal for outdoor hiking, skiing, cycling, fishing or winter outdoor construction, courier delivery and other people.