One heated pants is worth five long johns


To guys from cold winterdays:

Tell you a secret, One heated pants is worth five long johns!

Recently, the news that "Shandong boy's luggage was packed by his mother's trousers is 10 kg overweight" has been hotly searched. On his return from vacation, he found that his luggage was 10 kg overweight at the airport. After opening it, he found that all the bags were filled with long johns. As soon as the news came out, it aroused the resonance and hot discussion of many netizens. In late autumn, the temperature in the North has been low, and some people have begun to prepare long jonhs to meet the cold winter. Although this bags of long johns are full of love, but it is also too much, it is better to prepare one or two heated pants for winter.

Compared with wearing too many long johns, heated pants really have too many advantages. In terms of warmth, the traditional long johns are still passive thermal insulation, mainly increasing the thickness of the pants to resist the cold. If the weather is cold, more than one pair of long johns will be worn. The heated pants contain heating pad, which can be used to heat and keep warm; the three gear temperature can be adjusted according to the actual situation, with intelligent temperature control. It is powered by the power bank and can keep warm for a long time. If you want to be warm, you can keep warm as much as you want.


Does heated trousers have radiation harness to the body? Of course not, conversely, It's helpful. The heating parts of the electric trousers are generally designed in the chilly parts such as abdomen, thigh and knee.The hyperthermia on these parts with far-infrared heating helps to promote blood circulation, relieve body fatigue and relieve knee pain. Therefore, wearing heated pants has the effect of health physiotherapy.

Will heated pants have potential safety hazard? The working voltage of electric trousers is generally 5V to 12v, which is much lower than the safe voltage of human body's continuous contact of 24 V, so there will be no electric shock. The heating pad in the electric trousers has multiple stitches, and the heating wire is protected by insulation coating, which will not cause electric leakage and short circuit. Each pair of electric trousers has passed multiple tests before delivery, and the quality is guaranteed. The heated pants are soft and comfortable, and can be folded freely. Of course, you can also wash them with water. However, before cleaning, you need to take out the power bank, put the wire back into the pocket and zip the pocket.

One heated pants is worth five long johns. With the heated pants, You can spend the winter in a stylish and handsome look. Guys from the cold north area, what are you waiting for! Get ready for the first heated pants in winter!

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