Smart clothing, should pay attention to the safety design of clothing


Clothing is essential for everyone. Clothing has become the second skin of human body from the beginning to beautification and protection. The safety of clothing needs attention. The safety design of clothing is one of the development directions of modern fashion design theory. The development of science and technology and Internet has promoted the design, manufacture and marketing of smart clothing. From another point of view, the intelligent design and safety design of clothing is the designer's response to the wearer's personal safety protection, health care, entertainment or communication with others through wearing clothing.


Intelligent clothing usually refers to the clothing that simulates the life system with the dual functions of perception and response, which requires the combination of multi-disciplinary knowledge and technology. Smart clothing can not only sense the change of external environment or internal state, but also respond to the change in real time through feedback mechanism. Information perception, information feedback and information response are the three major elements of intelligent safety clothing.

According to the degree of intelligence, smart clothing can be divided into the following three levels:

A. passive smart clothing is only used as the carrier of a certain sensor to perceive the environment;

B. the active smart clothing can not only sense the wearer's clothing micro environment and surrounding environment, but also use the actuator to carry out certain operations;

c. Super intelligent clothing can take some actions according to the change of environment, or according to the pre programmed program.

Smart clothing can change its own characteristics according to external conditions or factors, and has the ability to store, transmit and transform energy and information.Smart clothing needs to be worn on the human body to reflect its function; smart clothing usually needs to interact with the wearer to carry out various operations; smart clothing is generally composed of sensor unit, execution unit, data processing and storage unit and communication unit, and the technical innovation of each part can bring huge business opportunities in the intelligent and safe clothing market.


On the basis of sunscreen and cooling, cold proof and warm keeping of traditional clothing, intelligent safety clothing should have a certain role of health care for human body, as well as a certain warning and protection function in front of certain dangers, so as to form a safety system for human body protection. In addition, with the development of modern science and technology, electronic equipment has been integrated into all aspects of our life. While enjoying the precise services in the fields of search and travel brought by big data, people are also facing the risk of privacy leakage. Privacy protection should also become an important aspect of smart clothing security design.

Clothing in the development of functionality and intelligence, but also need to pay attention to the safety design of smart clothing, people-oriented, it is easier for the public to accept and love.

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