What’s smart clothing?


What's smart clothing?

Nowadays, it is the era of intelligence. Smart phones, smart home, smart cars, intelligent education have penetrated into our lives, and the smart clothing is also an exploration of the intelligent era. So, what is smart clothing?


Smart clothing is the combination of textile engineering, electronic information science, material science, human science and other related disciplines. Perception, response and feedback are the three major elements of smart clothing.In short, smart clothing is the combination of clothing and intelligent technology.

Classification of smart clothing

At present, intelligent clothing is mainly based on the basic functions of traditional clothing, such as covering the human body, keeping warm and avoiding cold, beautifying and decorating.There are four kinds of fields used in smart clothing, which are life and entertainment, sports and fitness, medical health and military equipment.


Life and entertainment

Intelligent clothing for life and entertainment focuses on people's experience of clothing and life. The main intelligent functions are positioning and navigation, answering phone calls, playing music, electronic payment, automatic temperature adjustment and mood expression. Smart clothes make life better.


Sports and fitness

The emergence of smart clothing is closely related to the enhancement of consumers' awareness of healthy exercise. Sports fitness intelligent clothing can record the number of steps, respiratory rate, heart rate, heat consumption and other data. In addition to monitoring physiological parameters, it can also help athletes confirm their position, orientation, speed and provide real-time feedback to guide users to correct body posture.


Health care

Health care smart clothing is an important application direction of smart clothing in the future. It has the function of monitoring body information, mainly refers to the ability to accurately collect human heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, EMG signal and other physiological characteristics of information, to provide reference data of physical conditions. Wearers can know their own health status at any time and treat problems in time. They can be called private health care providers of wearers.

Military equipment

In addition to monitoring the physical indicators of soldiers, military equipment intelligent clothing can resist the invasion of fire, weapons and chemicals, and even has the functions of "invisibility" and treatment. For example, intelligent combat clothing, nano "stealth" military uniform, enhance the combat ability of soldiers, protect their bodies.


The future of smart clothing

Clothing, food, housing, transportation, clothing are the most important things for human beings. Comfort, intelligence and function are the trend of clothing development in the future. The sense of youth, fashion and technology of smart clothing is the focus of young people. The development and progress of smart clothing, the future of smart clothing is worth pursuing.

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