The guide for portable power bank with electric heating vest


According to research, "one in five Europeans take refuge in the winter time using heated vests". The advent of heated vests is an important relief from the mood swings of cold weather; in addition to weather protection, the vests have amazing therapeutic effects.


All the benefits of the heated vest stop when the batteries run out. To take full advantage of the electric vest, it must be kept alive by frequently injecting current into it - the portable power bank of the heated vest.

The heated vest can be charged in two ways; either by placing it in an outlet plug, or through a portable power bank while wearing it, which is also a convenient way to ensure the perfect purchase, we have given you a research guide for buying a portable power bank.

1、Enough power

A vest-specific portable power bank should be equipped with enough current to get you through the entire winter break. A standard benchmark could be 10,000 mAh.

2、Safe and sound

A portable power supply should be approved by a safety regulatory agency because the power supply works in sync with the body, so a little glitch could bring a painful knock on the wearer's door. Some safety certification bodies are TSA, RoHS and ET.

3、Light weight

The power bank should be compact and lightweight, so it can be placed quickly and carried around. This is why a 10,000+ mAh charger is not recommended because of its cumbersome weight.

4、Battery compatibility

Make sure the power bank on the cutting board is compliant with the heating vest; compliance ranges from the port to the overall construction. In addition, a good charger is also a fast charger, so dive into fast charging options.