With smart heating clothing, the warmth of winter is no longer only wool


Wanting to keep warm in winter does not mean finding a deep-buried sweater in the corner of the closet. Technology can keep you warm in the cold, wind and rain, and six kinds of high-tech equipment are on sale. This equipment not only makes you value for money, but also makes you comfortable to wear, one winter after another.


electric cotton vest

Electric heating vest—it has a built-in heating module powered by smart technology. It has waterproof technology and multiple heating areas in the vest to distribute warmth evenly. This vest relieves pain and helps discomfort in rotation, waist and more.

electric scarf

The electric heating scarf can be heated through a usb-style connector, and has three levels of control, allowing you to choose your best comfort zone. The included power supply can even charge your mobile phone when you are not using it, and charge your comfortable scarf.

electric slippers

There is nothing worse than freezing your feet in winter, battery-powered slippers with fleece lining, insulation and memory foam insoles. There is also a zipper, from the top to the sole, a simple "switch" process. In addition, they are very durable and the rubber soles can be walked outdoors.

heated glove

refers to heating and three temperature settings, from 110 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, you can protect your hands in winter. They are comfortable, flexible, well constructed, stretchy fabrics, adjustable wrist straps, and a convenient power button. These batteries can provide you with up to 6 hours of heating time, and can continue the entire snow adventure.

heated insole

Sophisticated heating technology and built-in rechargeable batteries make these modern insoles perfect for walking and hiking in cold weather. You can use the remote control to control the heating. It can last for 6 hours and the temperature can reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The ultra-thin design, the insole is suitable for any kind of boots and winter shoes.