The best places to hunt in winter


Hunting is an activity that can be enjoyed year-round.Although the animals and the best places to hunt vary, no matter what kind of hunting you prefer, there is always an opportunity somewhere in the country.


The best place to hunt rabbits


You can find cottontail rabbits all across Utah.It's a great option for amateur hunters because rabbits live in terrain that is easy to hunt and you only need basic equipment.The best places to hunt are dry scrub or rocky outcrops.Cotton-tail rabbits are more common in hilly areas than in plains because they need rugged terrain to hide.You can often find them under rocks and bushes, and sometimes in caves.


Although Minnesota's bird-hunting season has ended in winter, rabbit and hare season is just beginning.In Minnesota, the best bet is snowshoe hares, because you can hunt these animals on public land.In addition, since there are no underground burrows, they are easy to wake up.

The best place to hunt deer

Usually, the best places to hunt deer in winter are in the western states.Last year's harsh winter, however, left deer in short supply in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon.Fortunately, if you're a deer hunter, you have other options.

New Jersey

Deer are one of the most popular game animals in New Jersey, especially in winter.January is even better than December, because besides shotgun season, firearm season, and shotgun season, there is bow and arrow season.

The best place to hunt grouse


Utah is the home of the black grouse.You can catch these birds at any time of day, as they spend most of their time on the ground.However, if you hunt early in the morning when the grouse are grazing, you are most likely to succeed.If you go hunting with your dog, you can also be successful by mid-morning, when there will be plenty of scent on the ground.


Michigan is one of the best places in the United States to hunt grouse.Grouse is still popular in the state, although small-scale hunting has declined in recent years.The main reason is that Michigan has a lot of woodland.Of particular use are succession woodlands, where marginal habitats are sought after by grouse.

The best place to hunt migratory birds

New Jersey

Its long coastline makes New Jersey a prime hunting ground for migratory birds.Depending on the month and the region, you may find Canada geese, barngeese, and a variety of ducks.

Plan your winter hunting trip to one of these best places to increase your chances of a good season.Be sure to arrive with warm clothes, waterproof boots, plenty of water and snacks, and hunting gear.