Will Electrical Heated Shoes Burn Your Feet?


At the beginning of the development of electrical heated shoes, which is mainly for the people who need to work in the cold outdoor environment in winter, such as soldiers standing guard, police officers on duty, etc. With the development of society and technological progress, the electrical heated shoes have come into the life of the people now.

The heated temperature of electrical shoes is between 50℃~65℃, constant warmth temperature 50℃~55℃, high temperature 55℃~65℃. Electrical heated shoes have a remote control can regulate the temperature freely, do not worry that it will be high temperature to burn the foot. When you do not need to heat your feet, you can also turn off the heating function, as ordinary shoes to wear.


Will the electrical heated shoes leak electricity? Electrical shoes set up internal battery, standard 8800mAh battery, working voltage is only 3.7V, heating power 10W; working voltage is much lower than the human body safety voltage 36V;

electrical shoes set up overheating protection, overcurrent protection and other multiple protection, plus electrical shoes can prevent snow, water and wind, so no leakage of electricity and very safe.

The electrical shoes mentioned above are mainly with a working voltage of 3.7V. If it is with 220V voltage electrical heated shoes, it will be very dangerous. Once the leakage of electrical shock occurs, it will directly produce great harm to the human body.

Therefore, it is very much not recommended to buy electrical heated shoes with 220V voltage, the danger factor is too big. The electrical heated shoes on the market, both good and bad. Consumers should pay attention to identify the quality when buying in order to ensure safety. In the purchase of electric shoes, the voltage exceeds 12V should be very careful.

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