Three Main Features of Heating Sheet


1.Conductive heating

Metal fibre composite filament heating sheet and carbon fibre heating sheet have excellent conductivity and heating propertie,especially for carbon fiber heating sheets, its electrothermal conversion rate is up to 98.6%, which can save energy.

The resistance value of the two heaters is stable,they heat evenly,their heating temperature and heat can be controlled by a remote control,which is very safe.


2.Physiotherapy and Health Care

Fever tablet has good heating and health functions, and combined with hot compress therapy can achieve good physical effect,it can provide good hot compress physiotherapy.

The infrared wavelength of thermal radiation of carbon fibre heating sheet is between 215 and 13um after heating with electricity, which is exactly the wavelength range that human body can absorb easily.Thermotherapy with far infrared rays can dilate blood vessels, relax muscles and bones, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and relax muscles, tendons and ligaments .

3.soft and flexibility

Metal fibre composite filament heating sheet and carbon fibre heating sheet are both flexible heating fabrics,they are strong and durable,both have the advantages of electrical, thermal and mechanical properties, as well as the soft processability of textile fibers.

They not only act as light and thin heat preservation materials with good performance, but also respond quickly to changes in external temperature,which are good materials for making cold clothes.