Improve your Health, Warm your Heart – Eleheat Heated Clothing


As the pace of people’s Working, Study and living continues to accelerate, the health risks within human body are becoming more serious, and the proportion of unhealthy people is increasing. According to the World Health Organization, only 5% of people are truly healthy, invalid and sub-health accounts for 95% of the total. Especially in winterdays, the weather turns cold and the climate is dry, It is a malignant stimulus to the elderly, which can easily cause various physiological dysfunctions, and cause the disease to occur or the condition worsens. So, how can we let the old people spend the winter safely?

Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd, whichwas joint founded in 2015 by an intelligent team of years of experience in clothing R&D and the core team of South Star Electronics—One of the most famous high-tech enterprises in Guangdong, Now committed to providingone-stop solutions for smart clothingfor domestic and foreign clothing brands. We specialize in the research, development, production and sales of smart clothing based smart wear products (including heated clothing, air-conditioned clothing, healthy care products, smart parts, etc.) Our own Smart Clothing Brand—ELEHEAT, is a health care equipment tailored to the fast-paced life of modern society and older people.

ELEHEAT heated clothes matching our special-designed 12V/3400 mAh smart lithium-ion rechargeable battery, can guarantee people to enjoy long-lasting warming service in the cold season. The heated clothing not only has high heating efficiency, long duration, but also has special healing functions to our body. It can promote the blood circulation in our body by attracting the far-infrared energy, which can make us speed up metabolism and relieve the discomfort. It also good for eliminating inflammation, relieving stress and promoting sleep.


ELEHEAT heated clothing is very popular in the market, and Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd has also got strong support from the government, and has been rated as “four new generations” by the state. It is also listed as one of the development and Production base of warm clothing for the Chinese military. At present, it has created a number of intelligent technology achievements and hardware conditions for the production of the world's largest intelligent clothing system. The main products are smart clothing and related accessories, such as heated clothes, heated pants, heated vests, heated gloves, heated belts, heated elements, etc. Our product is safe, novel, comfortable, convenient, energy-saving.

Southern Sparkle Wearable Technology Co., Ltd is willing to share the results, lead the smart apparel industry to create the future, let technology warm the life, and realize the great progress of human costumes to the development of science and technology. Eleheat is sincerely inviting global apparel companies to come and visit, share the various apparel achievements brought by technology, and jointly promote the development of technology apparel.