How to add heating to your clothing for the cold winter ahead


Winter is quickly approaching, which means it's time to stock up on cold-weather gear to help you cope with the cold weather. eleeheat has got you covered with their line of heated gear and apparel specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and protect you from wind, rain and snow. They lock in heat for up to 8 hours and are made of durable, reinforced fabrics to maximize utility and extend product life.


These jackets reach your desired heating temperature in 2.5 minutes, while most other heated jackets take up to 8 minutes to fully heat up. They are reinforced for durability and waterproof to keep you warm and dry throughout the workday to allow for added functionality on the job, keeping the heat close to you and locking it in through the middle and bottom layers.

Heated Workwear

Heated overalls, perfect for layering under a jacket, vest or utility gear, these shirts are powered by batteries (included in the kit) and have a one-touch LED controller that allows you to choose from 2 heat settings to keep you comfortable in the fall and winter.


The carbon fiber heating element distributes heat to your chest and back, while the fleece-lined sleeves keep your arms warm and the quick heat feature helps reach your desired temperature 3 times faster than other leading heated garments. It's the perfect base layer because it's lightweight while maintaining full movement and comfort, and it locks in heat better than most heavyweight jackets.

Heated Vests

The Electric Heat Vest is another great heated gear option that retains heat in the mid-layer and can be worn alone or with the top layer. It comes in both men's and women's sizes and is a great option for layering over jackets and long sleeves or under coats. This undershirt comes with a single touch LED controller with 3 heat control settings to suit your environment. Ripstop polyester provides a lightweight, compressible design that can be used as a shell or mid-layer undershirt to provide you with wind and water protection.


Adding heated gear to your workwear can keep you warm throughout the workday without the need to add bulky clothing. A great option for those who work in colder climates that require more mobility on the job site, the ELEHEAT line of heated gear and apparel is designed to provide lasting warmth and comfort, making their heated work gear a must-have for the cold winters ahead.